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Nidificants del PNAE: Ànec Collverd

Nidificants del PNAE: Ànec Collverd
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Principal / Líquens / Collema auriforme (=Collema auriculatum)

Collema auriforme (=Collema auriculatum)

Collema auriforme (=Collema auriculatum)

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Descripción: Picture taken on the 26th May 2007 , close to Km 14 Masella road, Baixa Cerdanya, Oriental Pyrenees, Girona, Spain, on mossy rock of calcareous nature, East oriented, 45 % inclination, 1.400 m. altitude.

Saxiterricolous, neutrophilous, non nitrophilous, non very common. Mentioned at Vall d'Aran and Alinyà at the Pyrenees.
In damp places on mosses.

Foliose thallus, Olive green-brown to almost black depending on humidity, big lobes up to 1 cm wide, very swollen when wet, with big globular isidia. Apothecia very rare.

Sometimes very difficult to separate from Collema fuscovirens, that is more adpressed, with smaller globular isida, becoming translucent when wet. On the other hand, it is rare in Catalonia.

Armand Tomás Vidal

Nikon Coolpix 4.500

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Molt bona

Quin macro !!! Mantens la qualitat molt alta i realment envejable en els teus macros. Felicitats.

Molt interessant l'explicació.
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